CDN Timeline

Over 30 years of computer programming experience, I should know a thing or two. I have experienced some very important technologies along the way. I hope sharing my knowledge and experiences will help your business.

The time-line outlined my progress over the years and layout the road map of where I'm heading.


The Birth


These were the formative years when the foundation was establishrd and what followed have been very rewarding. Fresh from University with a Bachlor in Computer Science, I was eager to make a difference. During this time I worked for two computrt companies doing software development and manage junior techies. I then took the leap of starting my own business of which I'm doing to this day.

1997 - 2020

Alumni Directory


After migrating to the US, I became very bored and started looking for meaningful activities to venture in. The Internet was new and interesting and I made the switch from traditional computer programming to website development. I started my pet project developing an on-line directory system allowing Jamaican high school past students to search and find each other and keep intouch - hence the birth of Jamaican Affairs.

2001 - 2008

Database Mining


By now the Jamaican Affairs network was attracting some very interesting folks. I have had many laughs communicating both by phone and email - NO SOCIAL MEDIA then. T here was a void, by then I started cultivating relationships with folks from other Caribbean islands and they had no way of communicating with their past high school friends. Quickly I expaned the platform to include the whole Caribbean and renamed it Caribbean Diaspora Network.

2008 - 2010

Web Services


By now the web was at its peak and nothing was out of reach once you were prepared to put the time in. I introduced a number of services that today form part of the network's core. Companies, organizations and professionals are now reaping the benefits of the hard labour.

2010 - Now

Social Media


What I started in the 90's was Social Media without knowing, the phrase was not yet coined. When the likes of Facebook, Twittel and LinkedIn came alomg I was ready to junp in. Today the network is benefitting from the early start. We are taking the technologies beyond their boundries so as to create wonders and propel businesses towards the promise land.

2014 - Now



Now that we are at the promise land we are showing others how to get there. Each day it becomes harder to reach the top so your guide have to know the pit falls and how to avoid them. With all the diverse technologies we have crafted Marketing Packages to pilot your business.


CDN Community


echnology is at the top of the mountain doing things we could never have imagined just a few years ago. Moving forward you need a partner that knows what he / she is doing and set you in the promise land. CDN IS YOUR PILOT, ENJOY THE RIDE.


Television Broadcasting


The live streaming of events and interviews have allowed us to offer cystomers a complete package in promoting their businesses. Now we are able to attract all types of customers, SIMEYA IS YOUR PILOT, ENJOY THE RIDE.

Network By The Numbers

Our Network consisted the following:


Media Channels

This is CDN Social Media channels and TV channels.


Contact Database

A database of businesses, Faith-Based organizations and Professionals / individuals.


Readers / Viewers

Readers on, visitors to the websites and our Social Media accounts.



Our Travel portal offers vacation and tour packages throughtout the Caribbean.


Social Media Contacts

This is CDN Social Media accounts.


Email Contacts

A database of businesses, Faith-Based organizations and Professionals / individuals.


Faith-Based Organizations

A database of faith-based organizations.


Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit organizations in the diaspora serving the Caribbean.


SMS Messaging

We communicate with members in our network by text messages.


  1. TV
  2. Podcast
  3. Radio

TV Programs

  1. CDN Journals™
  2. Diaspora Roll Calls™
  3. Kitchen Table Talk™
  4. Marketplace™
  5. Spotlights™


  1. CDN Expo
  2. CDN Mall


  1. Alumni / Diaspora
  2. Business
  3. Faith-Based
  4. Governments
  5. Legal
  6. Medical
  7. Non-Profit


  1. Alumni
  2. CTN Travel
  3. WiredJA
  4. Roofing Projects


  1. Advertising
  2. eCommerce
  3. Marketing
  4. Media



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