Our Mission, Vision, Objectives, Values & Approach

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower Caribbean Diaspora as change agents for the development of the Caribbean. We aim to contribute to an environment for the diaspora to maximize its potential-capital, knowledge and networks.

Our Vision

Our vision is a Caribbean with sufficient means and human capacity to pursue its own social, political and economic development potential to the fullest.

Our Objectives

  1. To raise awareness of the added value of diaspora as business entrepreneurs to contribute to the economic development of their home country.
  2. Provide a platform for businesses in the countries of origin to promote their goods and services in the diaspora.

Who? Diaspora entrepreneurs, diaspora organisations working on business development, USA, GBR, CAN, Caribbean governments.

Why? To stimulate diasporians to engage in business activities.

Migrants are increasingly regarded as promoters of development in their countries of origin. The migration-development debate has rapidly evolved into an issue that cuts across the fields of research, policy and practice. Often, migrants show strong commitment towards their countries of origin which translates into substantial transfers of financial, as well as social, cultural and human capital.

By focussing on the Diaspora CDN hopes to contribute to a more effective and efficient use of these capitals in fostering development.

How? Through research & publications, workshops, forums, etc.

Our Core Values

Diversity - We aim to provide an environment in which differences are valued for contributing to innovation, promoting creativity and maximizing individual potential. We uphold this value within our own organisation as well as in all our programs.

Inclusiveness - CDN stands for inclusiveness and strives for inclusive approaches towards development. CDN's focus is the representation of the Caribbean people in general and diasporian in particular at decision tables, globally.

Ownership - CDN strives to provide the Diaspora with the right tools and instruments to make themselves heard and gain visibility and influence. We want the diaspora to take the lead in their own perspectives towards development.

Our Approach

CDN works to increase the awareness of the added value of diaspora to job creation, growth and poverty reduction in their countries of origin. We want to contribute to a conducive policy environment through building the capacities of diaspora actors on lobbying and advocacy & networking. Furthermore, CDN will actively support diaspora entrepreneurs by organizing match-making events and by (market) research.

CDN's work focuses on four main interlinked areas Mobilising Caribbean Diaspora in USA, GBR and CAN for the development of the Caribbean.

Network By The Numbers

Our Network consisted the following:


Media Channels

This is CDN Social Media channels and TV channels.


Contact Database

A database of businesses, Faith-Based organizations and Professionals / individuals.


Readers / Viewers

Readers on Wiredja.com, visitors to the websites and our Social Media accounts.



Our Travel portal offers vacation and tour packages throughtout the Caribbean.


Social Media Contacts

This is CDN Social Media accounts.


Email Contacts

A database of businesses, Faith-Based organizations and Professionals / individuals.


Faith-Based Organizations

A database of faith-based organizations.


Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit organizations in the diaspora serving the Caribbean.


SMS Messaging

We communicate with members in our network by text messages.


  1. TV
  2. Podcast
  3. Radio

TV Programs

  1. CDN Journals™
  2. Diaspora Roll Calls™
  3. Kitchen Table Talk™
  4. Marketplace™
  5. Spotlights™


  1. CDN Expo
  2. CDN Mall


  1. Alumni / Diaspora
  2. Business
  3. Faith-Based
  4. Governments
  5. Legal
  6. Medical
  7. Non-Profit


  1. Alumni
  2. CTN Travel
  3. WiredJA
  4. Roofing Projects


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  2. eCommerce
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  4. Media



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